Re: Hams in Las Cruces with 20m WSPR Capability

David R. Hassall, WA5DJJ

Dear Keith AI7SI,

I am not on WSPR on 20M but I do have a 24/7 WA5DJJ SUPER QRSS GRABBER system on all bands from 160M through 10M.   It can be viewed at  There is one grabber screen for each amateur band segment.  On most amateur bands I am located about 200Hz below the WSPR frequency.   All you have to do is set your WSPR U3S transmitter to transmit your call sign on either FSKCW or  DFCW at about 200mW's and I should see you on either 20M or 40M part of each day.    If you know of any other QRSS Operators or ones trying to get on the air, Please pass my SUPER QRSS GRABBER website info to them. 
Good Luck on your experiment.   QRSS is a BLAST, even at mW's
73 Dave WA5DJJ 

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