Re: Hams in Las Cruces with 20m WSPR Capability

Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH


If you would be interested in receive only here in Las Cruces, I operate a Kiwi SDR online 24/7 that you would be able to use via a web browser.  It has WSPR mode and uploads results etc. to where ever they go.  My antenna is a poor low wire, but it usually decodes a number of stations when I play with it on 20M.

It supports up to 4 users at a time and someone in Espanola (unidentified) often uses three of the slots for hours at a time on WSPR, but I can always kick someone off if all 4 slots are taken.

If this is of any interest, contact me at my email address on QRZ.

Chuck, W5UXH

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