Re: Latest roster.

Richard Johnson, KC5EVR


Apologies, as I checked Richard's and my data, which was correct, but didn't check further. 

You and I had a lot of correspondence about David Barr, KD5PDR back in June after he complained to me that he had paid his dues in cash at one of the meetings, maybe February, or so, but hadn't heard anything since.  I also think he contacted the group, as he sent me a copy, which I later deleted.

 I assumed everything was OK and he was getting all the group emails, etc.  But now I see he's listed on the roster without his email address davidbarr@... and also doesn't show his dues as being paid. 

I no longer have any contact with him, but perhaps you can take care of it.

Thanks, and again, apologies for the late notice.


On Sat, Aug 11, 2018 at 8:23 AM, Sven Breden, K5SHB <sven.breden@...> wrote:
    Hello all. We'll go with this one for a while. I have had no comments for several days. Delete your old copies please.

    Regards, Sven

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