Radios I can Program for the area!

David R. Hassall, WA5DJJ

Dear MVRC Members,


I  have the ability to program most of the Bao Feng radio with a huge load of about 120 channels using a database was developed by a group of hams in the club.   It covers most of southern New Mexico and northwestern Texas Repeaters.   I also have another database that covers the Las Cruces OEM listing for repeaters in just our area. 


Along with that I have collected programmers for Yaesu FT-60,  FT-70D, Ft-7900 and FT-8900 and should be able to program those radios with at least the Las Cruces, NM OEM Listing and the complete New Mexico Megalink.   As my collection of programmers and program cables grows I will be able to do more.   If you have Programming software and cables that your not using because you no longer have the radios and feel like you would like to donate them to my collection, I would be happy to add them to my collection so I can help others to get on the air.  That will make this service much more useful and hopefully help many other amateurs to be able to really utilize their radios in emergencies and for advanced operations on many more repeaters. 


If you have one of these radios and would like to have it programmed, contact me and we  will set up a time  to get it done.   Most of the time I can move the frequency databases into other RT Systems Software which will allow me to use my data base to program your radio if you have the radio and the software.   If you need that information contact me and I will try to transfer it to you. 


Take care and have fun.   Turn on your radio,  There are lots of people out there to talk to.  


The 6M Repeater presently at the clubhouse for adjustments will be shutting down the repeater for the move to the mountain on Wednesday morning and packing it up and retesting some things.   So don’t panic if you can’t bring it up.   You might listen for us on Thursday morning after about 9 AM for some help testing it out and making sure we have the squelch and stuff set right when we plug it in on the top of the mountain. 



73 Dave Hassall WA5DJJ  Las Cruces, New Mexico




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