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The USS Wisconsin Radio Club will hold its regular monthly meeting at Noon on Saturday, July 14th.  The Club meets the 2nd Saturday of each month at Gus and George’s Spaghetti & Steakhouse, 4312 Virginia Beach Boulevard in Virginia Beach.

73 years ago this month.  In the preceding months, Wisconsin had been in defensive mode from two very different sort of “winds.”  First, she had survived a tremendous typhoon unscathed, owing to her robust design and construction.  The second “wind,” the so-called “Devine Wind,” was the Kamikaze.

In the ultimate desperate measure, these pilots left on suicide missions - their aircraft loaded with minimum fuel and maximum explosives.  Approximately 15% of kamikaze attacks were successful;  34 US Navy ships were sunk, 368 ships were damaged, 4,900 of our sailors killed, and 4,800 wounded.  But Japanese pilots were being lost (3,800 killed) faster than new ones could be trained, and aircraft were also being rapidly depleted.  Here is a quote from US Navy Vice Admiral C. R. Brown:  “There was a hypnotic fascination to the sight so alien to our Western philosophy.  We watched each plunging kamikaze with the detached horror of one witnessing a terrible spectacle rather than as the intended victim.  We forgot self for the moment as we groped hopelessly for the thought of that other man up there.”

On 1 July 1945, Wisconsin upped anchor in Leyte Gulf and went on the offensive.  She steamed toward the enemy’s home waters.  Admiral “Bull” Halsey’s carriers began air attacks, and Wisconsin did what she did best - her gun crews were going to be busy fellows.  This time, Wisconsin needed to take no measures to conceal her location - she could fire at will on the Japanese mainland.  On 16 July, Wisconsin’s bombardment destroyed steel mills and oil refineries at Muroran, Hokkaido.  To see the location, CLICK HERE.  On 18 July, she did the same at Hitachi Miro, Honshū.  To see the location, CLICK HERE.  In less than 30 days, VJ Day was at hand.  

I hope you were able to participate in this year’s ARRL Field Day.  As we begin hurricane season it is important that we have the proper equipment and operating proficiency to serve the public, should the need arise.  The best way to achieve that goal is participation in Field Day.

As reported previously, we continue to make progress on the organizational front.  Although we were founded in 2000, we only officially became incorporated earlier this year.  Last month, the membership approved updated Bylaws.  This month, our Treasurer, Duane KJ4YKG, has submitted an application to the IRS to obtain 503(c)(3) status as a charitable organization.  The expected turn time for review of our application is 90 days.  

This month, we have a new family membership application.  Bill, KN4HJO, and Elizabeth, KD4VQQ, have both operated from the N4WIS radio shack.  Take a look at Bill’s QRZ page to see photographs of them in action at the consoles.

Glenn, NV4NV, has prepared a new web page that describes the restored WWII radios in our forward compartment.  To view this new web page, CLICK HERE   Also, when a station works N4WIS during one of our onboard operating events, that person will receive a special addition to our regular QSL card if the QSO was with our vintage radio gear.  A sample will be shown at the meeting. Our QSL Manager, Ed KW4GF, will be provided a supply of the new confirmation cards. For our next onboard operating event (in conjunction with the USS Wisconsin Association Biennial Reunion, 19-23 September), consider making some 30 meter CW contacts on these vintage radios.  Let’s ramp up the QSOs with this historic gear!

The forecast for Saturday is 90 degrees.  Heat stroke is not your friend.  Your friends will be at the meeting - in the air conditioned dining room.  See you there!


Bill, N3WM

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