Midland VHF radios

Joseph (Joe) Gray, W5JG

Just a heads up. Please let all those who got one of those Midland VHF radios from me some years ago, about the following.

It seems that a common failure with that series of radios has to do with the CTCSS board (an option, but installed on all of those radios that I did). If the tantalum caps on the CTCSS board go bad, the radio looses audio (may be RX, TX or both).

If this happens, DON'T TRASH THE RADIO. It is an easy fix. The CTCSS board is a small plug-in, that is underneath one of the metal cans, near the front. Just replace the six tantalum caps on that plug-in board to fix the problem.

Attached are pictures of the CTCSS board. If you zoom in, you can read the part numbers. The tantalum caps are all on the BOTTOM side of the board. There are 4 each 10 uf, 6.3 V, and 2 each 1 uf, 50 V.

Top side:

Bottom side:

Don't adjust VR1. It sets the CTCSS tone deviation, and should be fine as-is.

Since I am no longer in the Las Cruces area, I can't help with repairs, if needed. If you have this problem, it's an easy solder job, so you can do it yourself.

BTW, when I programmed those radios, I put in just about every 2M repeater and simplex frequency in use in NM (there are 99 channels in those radios).

If you decide that you want a radio reprogrammed, the programing cable that I bought is no longer available for sale. I did come across a very simple do-it-yourself programmer schematic. When I get a chance, I'll try it and see if it works. If this is of interest, let me know.

As for the programing software, it is widely available on the internet. I can also make a copy available to those that need it.

Joe Gray

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