Re: Falklands on 80-M

Joe O, KI5FJ

On your earlier email inquiry, I will start to digest soon and reply.

On the 130 Ft wire:
Feed-Point (Transformer) is up about 5 Ft on a wood fence.
The wire goes up to about 25 Ft, and then North at approximately 330 Degrees TRUE.
The wire is horizontal for 100 Ft and then goes slightly downward and WEST for about 10 Ft.
End of the wire is up about 15 Ft.

What makes this wire "Special" is the Impedance Step-Up Transformer 50 to 2450 Ohms.
The attached SWR information shows the repeating SWR nulls due to the 80-Meter Half-Wave-Length.
BTW, the modeling was of a Inverted-V wire versus my actual configuration.

Joe O

On Monday, July 9, 2018, 8:44:20 AM EDT, Evans Ralston, KF5DNI" via Groups.Io <kf5dni@...> wrote:


When I describe this to the folks here in Sparta (NC), what is the compass bearing on your '130 foot wire'? Perpendicular with the Falklands from your VA Beach location?

I sure is a clear example of following the gray line.

Evans KF5DNI

On 7/9/2018 6:20 AM, Joe O, KI5FJ via Groups.Io wrote:
DXers and like minded FT8 enthusiasts,
The attached shows the Gray-Line as I prepare this email.
QSO was about 30 minutes earlier.

My new antenna, actually a new configuration for the old 130 Ft wire,
and 200 Watts were the working conditions here in VA Beach.

Antenna:  EFHW-8010-2K.
End Fed Half-Wave on 80-Meters, up about 25 Ft.

See attached.

Joe O, K I 5 F J

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