the Field Day Group needs some help!

David R. Hassall, WA5DJJ

Dear Members,


We need operators for the 2A Class field day stations to keep them on the air communicating 24 hours.   So far we have 2.   We start at 12 Noon on Saturday June 23  and go to 12 Noon on Sunday June 24.    I am one of the two and I am now 78 years old and I can’t do 24 hours of operation.   It takes 2 People to operate 1 station.  1 operator and one logger.   They usually operate for 2 hours and then switch positions and operate some more.   You can operate as long as you want.  But I will tell you that listening to the clamor of all the field day operations  that after a while, your ears just wear out from all the noise.   So it is best to switch off for a while and rest and then come back and operate.  


We also need a small team to work the FM Satellite contact.   All we need is one satellite contact to get 100 points.   So I was hoping that there is a small group that can operate to catch one satellite contact and get  up 100 points.  + 2 points for the contact.  

Contact me on 2M or email me if  you want to try this project.   ( I have a portable satellite antenna for use if you need it and can probably scare up a radio if you need it)


If you want some operating time.  Send me an email to reserve at time.   If you have a friend to bring along as a Logger, The better.  

There is plenty of openings.  Both main stations are in air conditioned Motorhomes, So you will be as comfortable as we can make it.


Take care and have fun.  Earl N5TMT and Dave WA5DJJ are the field day station team Leaders.   We could really use your help.   If you can’t make it to field day.   Get on the air and give us a contact.    You can call on the repeater to find out what frequency we are on.


73 Dave Hassall WA5DJJ  Las Cruces, New Mexico




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