Some New kind of interference that is showing up at my location

David R. Hassall, WA5DJJ

Dear Members,


Lately I have been detecting a new kind of interference to my station.   It doesn’t seem to affect many of the grabbers (I expect that is because they are only 200Hz wide) but I run across it on the Amateur Bands when trying to work FT8.  It seems to be around on 20M as well as 6M.   Some here have said it looks like a plasma TV hash.   Since I have never experienced that before I have no clue.   I took a picture of the waterfall spectrum display on my ICOM 7600 so you can see what I am seeing.   Has anyone a clue to what this is?



Any suggestions welcome


Take care and have fun.



73 Dave Hassall WA5DJJ  Las Cruces, New Mexico




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