SA&BSS Balloon is alive and well,

David R. Hassall, WA5DJJ

Dear members,


I have been watching SB5BSS’s balloon since he launched it a couple weeks ago.   I is now off the coast of Mexico in grid square CL70 and moving eastward at a good clip.  WSPR call sign is SA7BSS.  It showed up on my WSPR at 1500Z and has been tracking ever since.  It’s FSKCW Signal showed up on my WA5DJJ’s QRSS ALL BAND 20M GRABBER at 15:17:30 and is there now if you want to see it.

(  It will be on the 20M screen and near the 14,096,920 Mark on the frequency scale. 

Here is a screenshot of the WSPR SCREEN:


Here is a shot of the first FSKCW signal copy on my ICOM 7600 using SPECTRUM LAB and my beam.  It is only transmitting about 25mW and it only works when the balloon is in the sunlight.   This is really quite AMAZING as he is about 900 miles away.



He is being copied on my grabber with just a vertical.  So anyone should be able to see it as it is so close. 


Take care and have fun. 

73 Dave Hassall WA5DJJ  Las Cruces, New Mexico




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