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May 14, 2018 Protecting the Web

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Dear Members,


With the advent of REAL disasters becoming possible.   Here is the one that was held in OREGON.  If we held one here I am afraid the results would be the same or worse.   Please read this and think about what you would do if this happened to you.  Then start making plans to survive it!


Here is the Oregon SET:


There are some interesting tests evaluated in this SET and discussed.  Many have not thought about the consequences of a long-term power failure such the inability to pump gas, the loss of drinking water and the loss of sewer functions - e.g.: One cannot drive, get a drink, or flush, among other serious inconveniences.  This is taken from the ARRL/e-newsletter received today:

Oregon Holds Statewide SET on Cyberattack Scenario

On April 14th, 2018, Oregon State ARES conducted a statewide SET (Simulated Emergency Test). Oregon ARES consists of six districts. District size consists of a minimum of three counties to as high as five to six counties. At least 22 out of the 36 counties in Oregon participated in the exercise with a number of County Emergency Managers participating.

The SET was based on the following scenario: A massive cyber attack on the electrical grid system in the Pacific Northwest devastated power generation and transmission capabilities. The suspected foreign state- sponsored attack effectively shut down all power until further notice, potentially for weeks. The after effects were widespread. Fuel could no longer be pumped; grocery stores and other food sources were shut down; waste water systems were backing up and reliable domestic water was scarce. Looting and panic took over.

ARES was activated and members were tasked to facilitate emergency message traffic related to status of local communities. ARES was to attempt to setup one or more portable stations capable of HF and VHF/UHF using voice and digital communications modes.

Constraints imposed for the exercise were the following:

- No fixed site radio stations were permitted.

- No permanent site repeaters were to be used; portable repeaters or simplex only was permitted.

- No Winlink CMS or Internet gateways could be used.

- No Internet-assisted communications were allowed.

- Units were to be powered by backup means i.e., by battery or generator.

Lessons Learned:

1. A number of counties do not have portable and/or mobile radio stations (in Go Kits). They need to be constructed, developed and packaged.

2. Radio equipment and antennas need to be tested on a scheduled basis for operability and reliability.

3. In some cases, HF and VHF propagation was an issue. This made key contacts an issue. This situation is not new to hams, and workarounds need to be developed to attempt to bridge gaps.

4. Net Control management on HF became an issue. More stations/operators throughout the State of Oregon need to be trained to be Net Control Stations.

5. Additional Winlink training is needed.

6. After Action Reports need to be submitted on approved forms so that they can be evaluated to determine successes and shortcomings. These reports need to be submitted by everyone who participated and in a timely fashion.

"SETs are designed to identify where there are successes and where we need to address issues for improvement to ensure we are a trained and competent resource to served agencies in a time of need. Oregon's Spring SET was very fruitful to exercise what works and identify areas needing improvement. We welcome the Oregon Fall SET to confirm our progress." -- Ed Bodenlos, W7EWB, Oregon ARRL Section Emergency Coordinator, St. Helens, OR



Our Annual Field Day is the last weekend of June.  This exercise allows you to practice with your Emergency Radio Setup in the field.

Come and join us.   You don’t have to be a club members you just need to be a HAM.  For information contact Earl N5TMT at: earld7@... or Dave WA5DJJ at: dhassall@...  for information.   There is always room for one more.  Our antenna test day is at HESS TERRACE, 9 AM on Saturday May 19, 2018 to test your latest field day design.   Come and join us.


Take care and have fun.


73 Dave Hassall WA5DJJ  Las Cruces, New Mexico




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